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Arit Amana

Software Engineer

Arit is a tenacious, detail-oriented software engineer, with a passion for leveraging the power and capabilities of technology in service to company/organizational goals and their bottom-line. She readily embraces test-driven development, particularly for its value in producing functional, high-quality code.

Arit thrives within collaborative environments, where she promotes effective communication through empathy, active listening and respect. She also a precise and expressive tech writer, sharing her tech journey with transparency and wit. Her articles in several Medium publications and on Dev.To have served to encourage and motivate other developers.

Select Projects

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    "They Say It's The Best Job"

    Random Quote Generator

    Rails | Heroku

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    "Silver Spring Cupcakeries"

    Crowd-Sourced List of Bakeries

    Rails | Heroku | Devise Gem

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    "Now You Cook"

    Two-sided video-streaming marketplace platform

    Rails | Heroku | Stripe API

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    Instagram-like App for photo sharing & commenting

    Rails | Heroku

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    Single-page To-Do App

    Rails API | JavaScript | Heroku

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Recent Work Experience

  • Freelance Developer, The BREIS Agency LLC

    2016 - Present

    • - Provided business consulting and Wordpress development utilizing HTML and CSS
    • - Developed web apps for 8 clients, consistently producing gains and achieving organizational goals:
      • • Implemented online contracts and follow-up functionality for prominent makeup artistry, reducing lost clientele by 50% and increasing follow up by 60%
      • Increased conversions for wellness-sector client by 40% through comprehensive booking process. Increased client conversion by 30% by refactoring service/pricing information, and improving branding
  • Tech Lead, Smart Girls HQ Inc.

    2018 - Present

    • - Led all technical aspects of the transformation of the Raising Smart Girls weekly newsletter to a robust online resource platform serving over 2000 subscribers
    • - Successfully migrated a database of 1000+ posts and 1500+ images, with ZERO broken links or missing images, and no mismatched authors-to-posts
    • - Cleaned a spreadsheet of over 1000 data records in preparation for import into the platform
    • - Customized platform’s theme using HTML and CSS, to better reflect the information presented


  • The Firehose Project

    6-mth Ruby-on-Rails Developer Bootcamp

  • Duke University

    BSc Biology

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